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I have been offered a new position within the temporary organization I work for as a second job. It involves going door to door and asking questions (this is government, so it is legit). I will get paid $13 an hour and comped $0.50 for every mile I drive and walk. It will last for about six or seven weeks and I am guaranteed 30 hours a week. This would help me so much -- my other job offers no hours and little pay, but the current employment environment says I need to squeeze as much out of this temp job as possible because I can't find a better paying job.

My mother agrees that I should take the job, and I am excited -- I could make a lot of money which will help in the coming months as I go back to school and cut back on working. Unfortunately, my dad and my boyfriend both are saying no, that it is too dangerous and I shouldn't do it. I respect that they are worried for me, but fuck it, I need the money.

Is it wrong to consider telling them I didn't take the job and instead took an office job, but still work the door to door job?

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