Pamalamma (brn_eyd_grl) wrote in thequestionclub,

Quick help please, I need to make a decision!

Are flights during the day, when it is light out any more safe than night flights, when it is dark out? I am trying to make a decision on whether to take a day flight or a night flight...and I am nervous as hell to fly in the first place. Help!

I am going to KY to visit my best friend. The return flight will be from KY to FL. If I take the day flight I have to leave at the ass crack of dawn, but fly during light hours and change planes in Cleveland. If I take the night flight I get a whole extra day with her, but fly in the dark and change planes in Detroit. What's safer?

Disclaimer: I know it's all chance and no one can say for sure that such and such will be safer...I am just looking for opinions and maybe if anyone knows any type of statistics or info on flying at night vs. flying in the morning. I'm paranoid, what can I say!

Thanks everyone, made my decision.
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