Chae (fuzzycthulhu) wrote in thequestionclub,

TQC, do you own a Cafe Press store? If yes, what do you sell?
If not, do you have a favorite Cafe Press shop?

My father is a "writer". He's recently started his own business, and he wants to sell some of his parables (inspirational phrases). So, he wants me to help him open up a Cafe Press shop. Right now, he only wants to do a calendar (the parables would be matched with pictures). Here's the problem. The parables are short. Some are 7 words or less. Here's an example:

"There is no greater pressure than poverty"    

Another issue that I'm having is with the context of the parables. To be honest, they make absolutely no sense to me, and when I asked him to explain, he's like "Oh, you should know what they mean." I need to know the context so that I can find photos to pair them with.

Obviously, I'm not too enthusiastic about this job.

My father doesn't want to put any effort into it (His exact words are "I just want to set this up and make money without me having to do anything.") and expects me to do all of the work (setting up the shop, creating the calendar, etc.). And on top of that, he has completely ignored my suggestions on doing something other than a calendar (for example, coffee mugs, mouse pads, bags, etc.).

I seriously want to quit while I'm ahead, but I have a opportunity to earn some money.
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