Blackout (013_blackout) wrote in thequestionclub,

Note: I'm kind of tired so if this comes out stupid or offensive then please tell me and I'll apologize and fix it. It was prompted by a statement I was told about men but, since I'm not one, I'd like some male opinions please. Thanks.

Men with SOs that you now/will live or have lived with:

1) How much do you participate in/care about the decorating of your house/apt/living space?
2) Would you openly admit to sleeping in a bedroom that is traditionally feminine?
3) How traditionally masculine do you consider yourself? (If this is too personal then please ignore it.)

Ladies and Men with male SOs that you now/will live or have lived with but that aren't here to speak for themselves, please speak for them to the best of your knowledge.

Edit: Transsexuals of all stages and their SOs, please answer this to the best of your ability. I know it's kind of odd, sorry about that. Sorry.

Males w/o SOs, if you can imagine yourself with one and then think about these, that's fine too. /Edit

Also, ladies with female SOs, I'm not trying to ignore you guys but as I said earlier I'm looking for stuff about males specifically. If however you know some interesting answers about guys related to this then that would totally be helpful.

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