ilurk (ilurk) wrote in thequestionclub,

I have an interview at Macy's tomrrow for a sales associate position. Should I take a copy of
my resume and transcripts? Or am I over thinking this for such a basic position?

I already have a job where I work 13 hours a week and I plan on keeping it even if I get hired at Macys. Tomorrow should i take a copy of my schedule for the rest of the summer as well as my free time for the Fall when school starts?

I know that their dress code for employees is all black. I plan on wearing black slacks and a nice shirt. Should I buy a nice black shirt for the interview (it can douuble as a work shirt!) or just go ahead and get traditional white? Also, I fail at wearing high heels... Should I wear the nice black low heel shoes that I already have and pray I don't trip or stumble? Or should I wear nice black flats that I am safe in?

Any tips? Anything I'm forgetting?
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