nothingmuch (nothingmuch) wrote in thequestionclub,

According to my latest electric bill, my family only used 26 kWh in June, and we only owe $24.88.

Last year, in June, we used 1,485 kWh and paid $151.68.

But, we aren't doing anything different. We're running the same AC units, constantly. We were home the whole time, not out of town or anything. We haven't done any major insulating or re-roofing or anything that would account for this extreme drop in recorded energy usage. I can't figure it out.

Why is my bill so much lower?

Do you think I should call my electric company and tell them, or keep my mouth shut and enjoy the cheap electric bills?

Do you think if they figure it out on their own like, five months down the road, they'll hit me with a great big bill?

EDIT: I called them and they said the meter is probably broken, they'll come out and fix it and "adjust my account." poop.
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