12angrysocks (12angrysocks) wrote in thequestionclub,

Apologies for the sock account, but I'm very embarrassed by this problem. I've Googled and searched and can't seem to find a decent answer.

TQC, I've got bedbugs. Apparently, someone in the building has/had them, and now we've had them for about a year. They're in the couch and mattress/boxspring mainly.

We're moving (somewhere, but we're not sure where to, yet, so some large pieces might spend time in storage) in August, and we really don't want to keep dealing with these things. They're just so.. embarrassing. We'd really like to get rid of these little shits. We'd also like to keep the couch and mattress, since we wouldn't be able to afford new pieces for quite some time.

With the mattress/boxspring, I've double covered them with something similar to this, with a regular mattress pad and fitted sheet over top of it. Hopefully, that'll help some. We've tried steam cleaning the couch and spraying it with rubbing alcohol, but those are only temporary solutions.

TQC, have you had bedbugs? If so, how have you dealt with them? Did you hire an exterminator? Was it expensive?

We can barely pay our rent and bills and still keep food on the table, so a professional might be out of the question. Were you able to find a solution that worked but didn't involve spending massive amounts of money?

We live in Maryland, and most likely still will, if that makes any difference.

DK/DC: What kind of cosmetics would you recommend to someone on a very tight budget and very sensitive skin?
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