Galant Gadabout (roc441) wrote in thequestionclub,
Galant Gadabout

Citation question:

I'm plugging away at my end of the term paper, and my google skills have failed me. I'm convinced that there is no standard citation for this type of document in chicago style.

It's a World Bank report, published as a pdf on the world bank website.

This is the footnote citation I was planning on using:

“Sudan Reconstruction and Stabilization: Country Economic Referendum” World Bank Document, June 30 2003. Report number 24620 [online: ] p. 30

My questions:

1. Anything you think I need to add to the citation?
2. I'm currently using the date it was published online, should I be using the date it was first published?
3. How should I footnote it the next time I refer to it? I was thinking: "Sudan Reconstruction and Stabalization" P xx Sound good?

Thanks in advance. I hate figuring out citations and this proffesor can be pretty picky.
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