corpsegrinder (corpsegrider) wrote in thequestionclub,


i was supposed to fly from atlanta to NY today to join my family for the 4th of july. i was flying standby and all the flights are booked to the max so i didnt get a seat, although, fantastically enough by bag did find one, so it took the trip for me. in order to get to ny it would be a 600 ticket which i dont have. so instead of having a fantastic weekend with family & my best friends who i havent seen in 2 years im stuck in hotlanta with the only plans being that i drive down and pick up my bag at the airport tomorrow.

this is the 5th year in a row my so called favorite holiday has sucked donkey balls. so. will you please plan a fun weekend for me? i like my weekends like i like my women, cheap & easy. and drunk.


basis on a previous question, have you ever been the other woman? (or man) details bitches.
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