and so it goes (spasticme) wrote in thequestionclub,
and so it goes

dear tqc bakers,

I need to bake a pie to bring to a friend's place on Saturday (it's a short train ride away, if this is relevant...and a fruit pie). I've made this particular pie before and with great success, but I don't know much about proper pie...maintenance? which is to say, I don't know when I should bake the pie! I could bake the pie Saturday morning before I head out so it will be very fresh/still warm when I leave (though i'd imagine we wouldnt eat it until later/after dinner), or I could make it Friday evening, so then it will be made and cool, and i can just get up and head out in the AM without having to worry about baking or dishes in the AM. Which would be better? Fresh pie? or would Day-old pie be just as good? (or even better?!)...any other pie travel tips? or general pie advice? help a pie novice out?!

Are you baking anything for the 4th of July? Anything actually 4th of July themed?
I made mini cheesecakes with blueberry/strawberry/plain toppings, and arranged them in a flag shape last year. I toyed with the idea of making a ~flag top~ instead of a lattice top for this pie, but that just seems a little much and not at all worth the effort since it probably wouldnt even be that good.
Do you enjoy/appreciate themed desserts, or do you think dessert should just be dessert?
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