Jules (koken23) wrote in thequestionclub,

What do you reckon?

Spawn is three weeks old, so it's early, but he pulls this face a lot - just at me, not at Daddy yet (they've only just met) - and it doesn't seem to be related to him being tired or gassy or anything I can figure out.

Is this

A) A smile?

B) His silent way of telling me Hey, Big Person, I just made a mess. I believe it's your problem now. Hop to it!?

On a vaguely related note...my husband's been home from Afghanistan for just under a week. He missed out on all the pregnancy business, and has only just now met our son. What can I do to make him feel involved/make it easier for him?

He wants to but isn't quite sure how - he's a total kid-magnet, just one of those people they swarm all over, but he's never had much to do with really tiny kids and is being far more cautious than I've ever seen him be. I'm not sure exactly why, since he's not the talky type, but he's...I don't know. He's struggling a bit to readjust, I think, and this is one thing I might be able to help him with.
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