☯ Pasan Los Dias (spoonisoutthere) wrote in thequestionclub,
☯ Pasan Los Dias

hi tqc!

do you believe in such irrational things as superstitions, dream interpretations and some kind of a *signs*?
how seriously do you take these things? any IRL stories?
or maybe do you have your personal superstiton(s) to share?
what's the most common superstition in the place where you live?

mine are:
- knocking on wood, spitting over left shoulder = YES, often!
- if a black cat crosses my path, i should spit 3 times on cat to avoid bad luck
- if I break a mirror accidentally, or a dish, or a vase - shortly, anything made of glass - I'll have a bad luck. So I should quickly say "For Happiness!", as loudly and clear as possible, just in the moment of breaking!
- if I drop a fork, or a spoon = someone will come to visit me
- I shouldn't sit in the corner of a table or I'll never get married and will die single and alone. Uh oh.
- if someone give me a knife as a gift, I should give them a coin
- it's considered bad luck to shake hands over a threshold (I guess it's a common superstition in Russia, I encounter it almost every single day)

these all don't seem serious for me though

but if a bird flies into a house OR if I dreamed of a bad, rotten, falling teeth (and blood) in my mouth, then a death in the family will soon occur. Actually I take these last two signs seriously. Unfortunately, for once, they worked on me: I had a pigeon get into my room, and I had a dreams of teeth before some of my relatives passed away.

* inspired by *knocking on wood* in this post )
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