exmathlete (exmathlete) wrote in thequestionclub,

have you ever failed a college class more than once? more than twice? what were the circumstances surrounding this? was your family aware of your grades, and if so, how did you bring this up to them, and what did they say?

i'm taking a computer science class (math major requirement) for the third time. i passed with a D the first time, mostly because i didn't understand the material and can't "think like a programmer", but i need a C- to fulfill the requirement.

i failed it the second time, but i blew that entire semester and had to withdraw EVERYTHING (long story). i'm almost certainly failing it again now. i've been having attendance and work completion problems for the past two semesters because my mother is pretty seriously ill and i'm never feeling well myself. i haven't gotten the vast majority of my work done. i'm considering asking for an incomplete in the class, because my professor knows what's going on, but he also knows that this is my third time taking it and denied me an incomplete last semester. i guess i was just curious if anyone else has been in this position. (probably not, because most people here seem pretty intelligent, but i figured it was worth a shot.)
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