lisa_loopner (lisa_loopner) wrote in thequestionclub,

Two unrelated questions.

1. I heard today that the president sent out cards that say "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas" and that some people are actually mad. One man said that NOT saying Merry Christmas was not very christian... ly(?, I don't know if that's a word) and chastized the president. I think that it is more Christian.. ly(?) to say Happy Holidays because you're being respectful of other people and their faiths. Now, without causing an argument, because, really, it isn't something to get argumentative about, Do you agree with me or with the guy mentioned above?

2. I know I'm not supposed to ask about LJ communities.. but.... is it ok since I asked a legit question? I think so.

Do you know of any good hair communities?

wickedhothair is too slow and madradhair is too overloaded.

I'm really looking for some place where, say, a hot pink mohawk isn't the least bit shocking.
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