thingee (thingee) wrote in thequestionclub,

XBOX or Nintendo Gamecube?

I need to decide between buying and XBOX or Nintendo Gamecube. I don't know much at all about video game systems beyond the original Nintendo I had back in the day.

I don't really care about crazy graphic fighter games. I love Donkey Kong type games, and also really want to try Dance Dance Revolution.

- $129.99 (Canadian)
- Donkey Kong games!!
- No DDR except some stupid-looking Mario one

- $199.99
- No Donkey Kong :(
- Lots of DDR

I have no clue what to get. I would appreciate your advice about which to get, and most importantly, WHY.

EDIT: Playstation 2, $179.99. What about this one?

EDIT 2: I went with the XBOX. While the Gamecube games are really more my speed, I really really wanted DDR. The XBOX came with 2 games and then I got DDR Ultramix 3 (including the mat) for cheap. I got home to these comments and now I'm regretting it!!

NO I'm not. Well, a bit. Aaaagh!

Thanks so much!!
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