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One thing I've noticed in this community is the number of people who have lived in multiple countries. I would love to move to another country (Spain in particular), but I have some questions.

1. What country are you from, and where did you move to?

2. What immigration requirements did you have to meet? How hard was it to meet them?

3. How did you go about finding jobs in other countries that are important enough for them to allow you entrance? It's always the job requirement that trips me up.

4. Are there any (developed) countries that don't require you to have a job lined up to live there? I'm not the most career-oriented person out there, but that seems to be the only way to gain entrance to another country.

Someone tell me there's hope for me.

Two quick edits: I want to stick to legal methods, and I'm more interested in responses from people that moved their by themselves and not with family members.
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