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Making Out ... Ouch, my lip!

I have a dilemma: I just met and hooked up with this guy on campus. We had been talking for a while, both on AIM and the phone, and I thought I really liked him. But, upon meeting him and hanging out for a little over two hours, I realised that I didn't. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't his looks (because he's gorgeous), I just had no physical attaction to him. He got me off any everything, but I wasn't into him like that. I think A LOT of it had to do with the way he kissed - which was more like biting. After that, it all went downhill from there because I didn't wanna do anything where I'd have to kiss him, because it HURT so much. My lip is HONESTLY swollen.

So, my questions: What should I do? Is there any nice way of telling him this? I don't even know why I feel this way, so how can I explain it? Does that fact that his biting kissing turned me off the most make me a horrible person? I really want to be friends with him, but will he understand this? And he knows I'm still into and hooks up with my ex-boyfriend, so how do I stop him from thinking it's because of that (Because, honestly, I don't think that's it)? It's weird, because I really like him, but I think that a relationship that WILL have some sexual attention to it should AT LEAST include a physical attraction. Does that make sense?

For all the others: What's your worse kissing/make-out experience?
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