Stating the obvious (well_yeah) wrote in thequestionclub,
Stating the obvious

Okay, I have a question for y'all.

I find that when people post something off topic in a community, or post links to websites or other communities that really have nothing to do with the community they're posting to, it pisses me off.

Being the moderator of a community, I have to deal with this a lot. At least, it feels like a lot to me. But I want to be a good moderator, so I'm asking you.

Does it bother you when people post off topic? If someone does, would you want the moderator to delete it, or at least tell that person not to do it again? Do you care at all?

Thank you!

*edit*(Oh crap. Did I just do what I dislike most, and post off topic? I suddenly realized that this is a question about Live Journal, but it's not a question about how LJ works. Is the question kosher, mods? I'm soooo sorry if I screwed up!)
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