¡Sarah! (arisha) wrote in thequestionclub,

disposable care packages?

I have a friend who's been travelling around Australia for two months, and she's just gotten an apartment so I'd like to send her some sort of care package. But I don't want to send her anything she'd feel obliged to keep, because I'm not sure how long she'll be staying in the area and I don't want her to feel like she has to cart this stuff around the country just because I gave it to her. But what could I send her?

My first thought was to send cookies but she doesn't eat cookies. She's a complete vegetarian and, more than that, the only candy she eats is sugar-free. Can you even send stuff like this from Canada to Australia and be sure it'll arrive in an edible state?

She recently acquired a bicycle and so I'd send her something for that except I know nothing about bicycles. Also, she e-mails me rather infrequently, so I'd be worried I'd gotten her something she'd just recently bought for herself. I'd send her a book but she might feel like she should keep it afterwards.

I really have no idea what sort of thing I should send! Any ideas would be great, and thanks so much. :)
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