Mephistopheles (acatsoclever) wrote in thequestionclub,


Say there's this girl, who is pretty much the village bicycle. She gets off her face when she can, quite deliberately, and uses it as an excuse to get laid and then deny it happened. (For the purposes of my question, this isn't to be disputed.) Say there's this guy who, typically, claims to be oblivious to her behaviour and says he likes being around her when she's drunk because she "acts silly."

Now, 2 questions.

Part One. Given that these two people were drunk together and alone together, the guy being so drunk himself he claims not to remember all of the evening, is it unreasonable that they slept together? He could be lying or he may genuinely not remember.

Part Two. New information: he has lied about going to see her whilst she (and possible he) was drunk. Is it believable that they didn't sleep together, then or any other time?

I'm really grateful to everyone who responded to my post about trust. Thank you ♥
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