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File-sharing ...

Inspired by valera's question.

So what is everyone's opinion on the file-sharing issue? Do you think that you should be able to copy things over the web? or do you see it as a form of theft?

Honestly, I see nothing wrong with the companies going after individuals for copying/letting others copy mass amounts of their stuff. They put a lot of money into making products and often put money behind people who never make it. I think that if you like an artist's work then you should show support by buying their CD. If you are unsure as to what it sounds like go to FYE or Walmart and use that headphones to listen to it. I am not going to say that I have never burned a copy of a CD for a friend but that does not mean that I think that it is right for people to simply leave it out there for anyone and everyone to copy.

All in all, I totally see the music/movie companies' point of view - they are losing money because you are getting their products without paying for them. I know that I am going to catch hell for this ... but that is how I feel.
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