evil and delicious (clnclarinet) wrote in thequestionclub,
evil and delicious

Slylock Fox

Does anyone read Slylock Fox in the sunday comics?

This is what today's said, I want to know if this is bullshit or not:
Puzzle: "The car being pulled from the lake is the getaway car used by bank robbers earlier today. The police would like to know exactly when it was dumped to help determine how far the robbers may have fled since. Slylock Fox knows how to find out when the car was submerged. Do you?"

Answer: "The car's electrical system shut down when the car went underwater. The dashboard clock stopped at exactly that time."

Ok, so if a car was waterlogged enough for the electrical system to shut down, would it ever be able to start back up again? Much less save the time??? Are there cars out there with analog clocks that have physical hands that would have stopped moving rather than a digital clock??

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