aibell the quene (sheisaeval) wrote in thequestionclub,
aibell the quene

First, male or female.

1. What is your workout routine? How often do you work out, what do you do exactly when you work out, and how long you work out for?

2. What do you or would you like to work on the most? (for example, arms, abs, or butt) Why? What are you doing to work on it?

3. Right now, how in shape do you think you are? Why? Is there a time in the past when you were the most in shape? If so, when was it, and why do you think you were so in shape then?

4. What is your favorite physical parts of your body, and the your least favorite? And why?

5. Do you try to eat healthily? What kinds of foods do you eat at a normal basis?

6. What's your favorite workout?

7. Do you think you need to workout more, the same, or less, ideally?

8. Why do you workout? To look better/attractive, for health, or other reasons?

Edit: I'd prefer if more people who actually DO workout to answer this, please.
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