goop (goop) wrote in thequestionclub,

What do you do when somebody gives you a really thoughtful gift but you don't really like it in its entirety?

My mom gave me a pink heart necklace at my baby shower as my "for the mom" gift and it's really pretty and so thoughtful and I love it, and I love that she gave it to me... all except that the chain/loop are gold instead of silver and I reeeeally don't like gold colored jewelry. I've never work gold colored jewelry in my life because it's just not me.

I'd love to wear it because I'm sentimental like that but I just don't like that it's gold.

Would you wear it anyway and just get used to it?

Would you exchange it for something you did like, even though then it wouldn't have the sentiment of being picked out by that person?

Would you keep it for sentimental purposes but just not wear it?
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