beenwandering (iichristinll) wrote in thequestionclub,

Indepent film buffs...I need help.

Someone posted below about needing help identifying a film. Indeed, I need the same assistance only mine is a tad...a lot harder.

I saw this movie on the Independent Film channel last summer, who knows, maybe even the summer before. But I think it was last summer. Anyway, it was a foreign film from China, and it had four storylines that all interconnected. One was about a boy thief, one was about a man who taxi...uhm, carted (meaning, it was a bikecar) a woman home every night and fell in love with her, and one was about a woman who sold flowers, and I can't remember the fourth. The woman who sold flowers got a job picking water lilies. She never met her boss until one day she finally got to his house in the middle of the field. He was a leper, who had lost his fingers. He was also a poet who was sad because he could no longer write. She got a job transcribing for him. I can remember almost nothing, and I never saw the end. I think the title had something to do with four and seasons, but I've done tons of searches to find nothing. I don't really expect to find it, but it's worth a try.

Anyone think they know this movie?
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