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TQC, how do I fix being a pathetic loser and make some freakin' friends that are in my area?

I've been in Texas for over three years and have only made two 'friends'. I've been to parties with them/gone out with them a bunch, but their crowds (and the majority of kids I do meet) are very into the 'party' scene, which is cool, I like the party- but I don't really party. Weed makes me sick so i don't smoke it, I dont really like drinking and getting drunk at other people's houses that I dont know well just makes me panic, I'm married so I'm not very... "sexual" I suppose is the word? And I guess it makes me come off as stuck up even though I'm not arrogant or judgey when i say "No thanks" when offered stuff.

I've tried going to church since I figure I'll find kids who might have more in common with me (the no drinking/smoking idea) and that wasn't the case lol (along with enjoying the party, I also like to do stuff like paintball or just general activities that doesn't have to be party-like).

Its a small town so i run into a lot of groups that have been friends since forever and I can't really get in with them it seems.

I've tried going to "mommy&me" groups, since I have kids and maybe can make friends with other girls, and that didn't work either =/.

I just end up not having enough in common with anyone to persue a friendship past the small talk.

I don't think its my social skills, I have a whole load of friends back home, still do, so... I don't know what my problem is =(.
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