The Not-So-Magic Kingdom (reddressorblue) wrote in thequestionclub,
The Not-So-Magic Kingdom

To all sexually active TQC-ers in possession of a uterus:

Do you have an IUD?
If you have one, what kind? (Paragard, Mirena, etc.)
If you have an IUD, did you have kids before it was inserted?
If you haven't had kids, did your doctor try to talk you down from getting one?

I'm thinking of getting a Paragard IUD for several reasons. 1) I'm uninsured, don't make much money, and don't plan to have children for a long time, meaning it's much cheaper in the long run. 2) I cannot deal with hormonal birth control and the side-effects. 3) Using only condoms is making me antsy.

I'm just worried I'll get talked down from getting one (I am well aware of the downsides) because I've never had children and I'm only 22.

DK/DC: What "weird" food combos do you like? I keep hearing that 7-Up and milk is delicious.
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