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Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer...

Or to be more accurate, Spooky the glowing-antlered non-reindeer.
Yesterday, while visiting my aunt and uncle for Thanksgiving, they told us that they had seen a deer with glowing antlers.
It was a week or so ago, and they were watching the deer at the feeder. They live in a sort-of country area, so they get a nice little herd of deer. This time they noticed one that wasn't from their usual herd.
At first they thought he was a mule deer because he seemed to have the big ule deer ears, but when they got the binoculars they found that he has low, sort of flattish antlers.
It was evening, getting dark, and the deer's antlers seemed to be shining. They assumed it was just the setting sun shining on them, until the deer moved into the shade of the trees. His antlers were actually glowing.
They said that he didn't stay long but they could tell his antlers were glowing VERY brightly, though I don't think they mentioned if they were glowing any sort of color or just white.
Edit: Ok, mom corrected me on that. They were definitely glowing white.
They haven't seen him since and they didn't have time to get their camera, so alas, no pictures.

So, can anyone tell me what would cause a deer to have glow-in-the-dark antlers?
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