Jodi Royer (jodimichelle07) wrote in thequestionclub,
Jodi Royer

01. What is on everyone's Christmas wishlist?

02. If I bought a sewing machine from Walmart about 2 monthes ago and opened it and used it only once, will they let me return it? I have the receipt.

03. Any idea what I can get these people for Christmas?

-My boyfriend (Really likes to watch TV -- Family Guy, Dave Chapelle, anything Comedy Central.. Loves to hunt!) I don't want to get the usual cologne.. I was thinking maybe the season DVDs of Family Guy and the new movie?

-BFs mother (NO IDEA!) Seriously, I have no idea..

-Mother (Lovesssss golf)

-Stepmother (Hairstylist? I have no idea anything else she likes to do)

I don't really have a lot of cash this year, so can't really buy anything big.

Any ideas?
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