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A few questions

First off, is it snowing where you live?
Second, if it does snow by you, or even if it doesn't, what's your initial reaction to snow?
Third, if you're not a Christian do Christmas decorations/sales/specials/whatnot annoy you? Does the fact that they call them 'holiday' decorations/sales/specials/whatnot make it worse, or better?

1.) It's snowing here, just a light dusting.
2.) My intial reaction to snow is probably fairly unusual for someone who lives in the Chicagoland area. I do believe the first thought that goes through my head at the sight of snow is, 'ZOMG! SNOWWWWW! Iwanttomakesnowangelsandhavesnowballfightsisn'tthisgreatSNOWWWW!' It's a bit childish, but I can't help but smile when I see snow. Cleaning off my car in the morning doesn't really bother me too much, and my parking lot is plowed regularly.
3.) It annoys the ever loving bageesus out of me. It's like everywhere I turn there's another store trying to take advantage of the holiday or a media source trying to cram it down my throat. The Holiday thing makes it worse for me. It's not a holiday for everyone, stfuplzkthxbye. I give all year long to the charities I support, and, no, I'm not in the holiday spirit. I didn't see you pushing the holiday spirit during Ramadan, or another major holiday. Yes, I'm bitter, and, no, I don't care.

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