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What gives?

A month ago I changed my lifestyle habits dramatically. I was living off fast food, pop, and sweets/junk food. I never went outside... I never did housework. (I know, pathetic life)

Now I follow the food pyramid and the breads I buy are whole wheat only. I have my fruits, I have my veggies, I have my occasional meats and glass of milk. My house is so much cleaner because I'm up doing my chores, and on top of that I'm easing into exercise. I go outside every day even if it's for a little bit. I don't binge or have any emotional eating issues. I only drink water and milk.

I feel so much better physically but ...I haven't lost a pound. Honestly, the only 'bad' foods I've had in a whole month are a fast food burger, two pie slices, three tiny candy bars, and three pizza slices. Which isn't even much at all compared to how I used to be, I'd eat that in the span of a day if it was available to me.  I really want to lose this weight because I'm going to be going to concerts, water parks, and theme parks this summer and apart from wanting to look nice, the extra weight makes my legs hurt when I walk for hours at a time.

(I'm 180 pounds, '5"3 by the way)

Does anyone have any idea why I'm not losing any weight?

---If you DK/DC - What color are your nails ATM?---

EDIT: Thank you for all your support and answers <3 I'm going to start logging my calorie intake/physical activity to make sure I'm eating/burning enough to lose weight
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