ntensity (ntensity) wrote in thequestionclub,

Some random questions, feel free to answer any or all of them...

1) What is the point of "walking/running" for a cause? (as in a Breast Cancer Walk) I understand donating money, I understand gathering people and listening to speeches by survivors and such. But does the walking serve an additional purpose? Or is it just an activity that bonds people while they are raising awareness and money for their cause? If that's all it is, why isn't there a variety of activities offered? Why is it always walking or running!?

2) Do you watch The Boondocks? What is your opinion of the show? Who's your favorite, Riley or Huey? Do you abide by "homies over hoes"? Is dick-riding really okay, as long as it's Barack's?
*ETA: Was the young white girl with the blonde pony-tail only in the comics, or in the show as well? I remember her, but I'm not sure if it's from the comics or the show. (not Jasmine, but a 100% white girl)

3) If none of the 2nd questions made any sense to you, why aren't you watching The Boondocks right now on Adult Swim.com?

4) Have you ever been to Miami during 4th of July weekend? Will you tell me about your experience? Or anything you know about Miami during that time? I hear it can get wild, in fun ways and also overwhelming ways.

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