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Pie Question: High Altitude?

I'm going to be making pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving. I've never made a pumpkin pie by myself before, so I'm a bit afraid of somehow screwing up.

I live at a high altitude. Most things that you bake have high altitude directions, which usually involve adding some extra ingredient... if you don't follow these directions, whatever you bake will be ruined. However, the pie mix and pre-made Marie Callender's pie shells have no high altitude directions.

So my question is this: when baking pies, do you have to do anything differently, depending on altitude, or does it not matter?

Oh, another question. Am I the only one who doesn't like pie? I never cared for pie because of its slimy, varying textures. Pumpkin pie is too rich/sweet/slimy/clammy, and I don't like how you bite through the slime and suddenly hit a hard crust. Same with most other kinds of pies. So I probably won't have a single slice of these pies I'm making.
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