Ash (cathubodva) wrote in thequestionclub,


Do you like dogs?

What's your favorite group of dogs?
I like hounds, sight or scent.

If you could have any kind of dog, what kind would you get?
Someday I want a newfie or an Irish wolfhound. My husband wants a neopolitan mastiff.

What's your favorite mutt mix?
I've had three spaniel mixes and I think they're great.

What kinds of dogs have you had or do you have, and what were/are their names?
When I was a kid I had a beagle/cocker spaniel mix named Sally. When my husband and I first moved in together we had a lab/brittany spaniel mix named Alice. Now we have a 13 y/o beagle named Wendy Moira Angela Darling, a male 6 y/o golden retriever/cocker spaniel mix named Sprocket, and a 3.5 y/o greyhound/border collie named Phil.

Are your dogs particularly attached to anyone in your family?
Wendy always begs for my husband's attention. Sprocket loves anybody. Phil is a serious mama's boy and loves me more than anything.

Do you treat your pets like children?
We don't have kids yet and we totally do. My "kids" got me flowers and a card for mother's day while their "daddy" was out running errands. We are so pathetic. =D

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