the_backseat (the_backseat) wrote in thequestionclub,

Here is my story. I bought a Canon Rebel XS almost 2 years ago. I payed an extra $140-something for the "4 year insurance plan" from Best Buy. Two months after buying the camera I got an "error 99" (i think it was 99?) and researched it, found out it was manufacturers problem so I took it in to Best Buy to Geek Squad they had it for about 2 weeks and told me I had to get another one. So I just picked up another new camera. Well, a few months the same thing happened again. Took it to Geek Squad and, again, they had it for about 2 weeks and called me up and just told me to get a new one. Not only that they told me my 4 year insurance program was void since I had to get 2 new cameras. even though I didn't do anything to the camera for that to happen. So it's been almost a year with the 3rd camera and I just got an "error 05" where my pop up flash doesn't ... well, pop up. 
Isn't there something I can do? Contact canon or something? I pad nearly $800 and keep having so many errors! Help?

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