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What metaphor best explains your life?
  1. A Battle - Everything is a competition or a struggle.  You are always either winning or losing.
  2. A Garden - Relationships are cultivated like flowers or vegetables.  You work at growing, flowering, producing.
  3. A Mission - You believe that you have the truth and you need to convince others that you point-of-view is right. 
  4. A Journey or an adventure - You travel from place to place meeting new people and exploring.
  5. A Building - Starting with a solid foundation, then adding floors and rooms.
  6. A Roller Coaster - Life consists of ups and downs, and you are just along for the ride.
  7. A Stained-glass window - full of light and colors. 
  8. A Mountain Climb - Life consists of hierarchies.  You are always climbing the corporate ladder.
  9. A Race - always finding the fastest route, "keeping up with the Jonses."
  10. A Courtroom - Everything in life should be fair.
  11. Stepping Stones - You barely get comfortable where you are before you are looking for better job or a bigger house.
  12. A Prison - Feeling like you don't have choices, like others have all the power.
  13. A Classroom - There are always new lessons to learn.
  14. A Battery - Every encounter seems to drain energy.  you need the weekends to recharge

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