Steve Reeves (temalyen) wrote in thequestionclub,
Steve Reeves

It's my second question of the day! This one is about Chatroulette.

I'm assuming pretty much everyone here has at least tried it. I held out for a pretty long time before I tried it, but eventually did try it in the hopes of getting someone like Merton the Piano Player. I didn't. The best I got was Sleeping Fat Cat. (A webcam pointed at a... err... sleeping fat cat. Someone was typing in the chatbox trying to be funny, though.) Anyway, for those who use it, why do you use it? Do you hope to get gimmicks like Merton, or do you try to actually talk to whoever you get?

A friend of mine started using it reasoning that if there are guys showing their dicks all the time, there must be an equal amount of women showing their tits. So far, he's been disappointed and this theory doesn't seem accurate. I got a woman once showing a ton of cleveage, and it sort of looked like she was getting ready to flash me, but then changed her mind. So, my final question is: Have you ever actually seen a woman topless there? I'm actually really curious about this. Some woman somewhere must have done it at some point, yet I don't know anyone who has ever seen it.

Random Thought: Someone should organize a "TQC ChatRoulette Night" where a bunch of us get on there and see if we run into each other. Or maybe that idea sucks. Would you do it if someone tried to organize it? (Okay, I lied. THAT was my final question...)

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