cestlavie (cestlavie_2010) wrote in thequestionclub,

I think this is my weirdest question yet...

Do you guys know anyone who will gush profusely about something they did--and I'm not talking once or twice, but multiple occasions over a series of days/weeks-- but the thing they did isn't actually that big of a deal? : /  And if so, what do you usually say/do?

For example....I have a friend who will go on and on when she cleans her house, or packs a suitcase, or organizes something. "Oh my gosh I know I already said it but I am SO PROUD of myself! You should see it, my bag is SO organized!" 

She's 32, if it matters, has decent self esteem, and is perfectly functional in every way.
I dunno, it's confusing and happens pretty regularly. I feel kind of 'bad' about not sharing her enthusiasm because she's clearly stoked....but I don't really know what to say when she does it, especially not without sounding patronizing ("Gee, that's great! I'm so psyched about your mad bag packing abilities!"), so I usually wind up ignoring it, letting the moment pass, or saying "good!" and changing the subject. Until she brings it up again a few hours later, that is. And I feel awkward every time.

Any ideas why someone might do this?

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