j e n n y + + + (lolz) wrote in thequestionclub,
j e n n y + + +

TQC can you please determine my educational/career future?

I'm currently a sophomore pursuing my degree in Education. I know that I want to work with special ed or ELL children. The politics of schools drives me bananas so I've been thinking less of actually teaching and possibly switching my major to occupational therapy so I can still work with disabled children but not necessarily in a school. Even though I realllly want to be in a classroom.

I went and did an observation of an ELL class today and fell in love with the students. I want that kind of relationship with the kids I work with.

So, TQC, do I finish my Ed degree and work with special populations OR do I get my degree in occupational therapy where I can work with all types of disabilities and not only children?

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