pamela (pamelalabella) wrote in thequestionclub,

I have a Saturday night show every week with a latin band that I play with.  It goes late.   I love playing the trumpet and would do so for free but we've all been told it's a paid gig and this is how much our pay is etc..  They don't pay us every show because sometimes we don't make enough at the door...but when I do get paid it is great help and they do tend to eventually pay us back for some shows (but when?)

The show is pretty taxing on me since it's EVERY saturday..I can't do anything else on a saturday night so my social life has suffered a bit.   I get home super late saturday night/sunday morning and spend the sunday recovering from that.. I also can't ever leave town on weekends (and I have a day job on weekdays) 
It's hard to find a sub to cover for me because they're scarce around here for latin gigs and I can't just not go to a show without finding a sub.  

Should I just quit?  If I quit I'd give notice so that they find somebody else but like I said it's pretty limited around these parts for latin trumpet players and I might end up screwing the band over this way..  or should I stick it out and try to find a sub that will cover for me once in a while to give me a break?  The pay is very helpful when I actually DO get paid.. but like I said, I don't always.

TL;DR: I play a show weekly.  It's cutting into social life and though it's meant to be paid I don't always get paid..but when I do it rules.  Should I stay or should I go?

dk/dc:  can you do origami?  if so what?  pictures are good :)  

I can make cranes, butterflies, frogs and hearts.  :D  I dont' have pics though.


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