Morgan (poo) wrote in thequestionclub,

What the fuck? I found an apartment I really liked beginning of last month and was told it would be available middle of the month. After she runs the credit check on me and my cosiner I find out the tenant isn't moving out til beginning of May. Okay, no problem. I call Monday (she never calls me) and am told she'll be painting and it be ready Friday. I call again today and she tells me the owner hired a maintenance man and now we're looking at next Wednesday. I haven't even done the fucking walk-through and signed the lease. I'm so pissed, because I know I won't find another apartment ideal for me. My friend is the previous tenant and she never had any problems. I'm supposed to be out of my place by Friday. What do I do? Call back an explain that I need to move *now*? I'm so pissed. I thought I would be moved a month ago.

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