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So it was decided LAST NIGHT that everyone in the marching band will have priority registration for the Fall quarter. This means that I register at 8am tomorrow during a brief window of time. I haven't had time to fully think about these classes, and if I mess it up...well...that will be a huge waste of a priority, basically.
So, give me your opinions...please?

ETA: This is my last year in college, so I'm assuming that this is my last chance to take these specific classes.

1) What should I take if I am planning on eventually teaching high school chemistry?
a.) More general chemistry
b.) A survey of organic chemistry (I've never had o-chem before, and have had some gen chem already. However, o-chem isn't really a hs topic...but it would be nice to actually know something about o-chem. AGH so conflicted!!)

2.) Which sounds more interesting (or easy) to you?
a.) Engineering Risk Analysis
b.) Transportation Analysis
c.) Coastal Hydraulics

Thank you to whoever takes the time to answer this. ajklsdakljsd can you tell I'm stressed about this? 

ETA: Thanks guys! I'm definitely gonna do o chem, the engineering ones are still up in the air though.
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