even Zombies spit gobbets of me out! WUT? (obey_ur_new_god) wrote in thequestionclub,
even Zombies spit gobbets of me out! WUT?

Do you celebrate the Cinco de Mayo?

Do you live in an area that is NOT Mexico (California Arizona Texas, etc) that makes a big deal of it?

Did your grammar school make a big deal about it growing up?

What are your plans for the night?

DK/DC: Hard or soft shell tacos?

I always make a huge homecooked meal of Tacos and Arroz con Pollo and all the fixin's.

Yeah, I live in the Central Valley, so we have a huge migrant population, plus the place I live actually has a larger Spanish speaking population then English.

My school always had huge potlucks and dances for Cinco de Mayo. YAY US!

Fixed my traditional Mex meal for Andres and the kids, and now I am looking forward to my night filled with bad spanish soap operas I can't understand and Tequila with my friends.


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