tipsyteapots (tipsyteapots) wrote in thequestionclub,

TQC, later this month my convenience store is have a customer appreciation day. We have drawings, free t-shirts, beverages etc and pump gas for the customers (it's a self-serve station). We've been asked to bring in baked goods or snacks if we want. I don't bake and hate sweets (if I'm going to do any large-scale cooking I'd like it to be something I can make an extra batch of for myself and my boy).

What should I bring?

For parties, I'd usually bring a bread bowl filled with dip or hummous and veggies, but I don't want my customers' grubby fingers in shared food, so I'd like individual bite sized snacks. So far I'm thinking puff pastries with a variety of savory fillings, or homemade pizza rolls.

What do you think?

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