mezzomeadowlark (mezzomeadowlark) wrote in thequestionclub,

Do you think that our reliance on search engines has caused us to become more distant, antisocial, and impersonal?

I find that asking someone about a relevant subject you are wondering about can be a great conversation starter (such as "what are some good restaurants around here?," "what did that senator say in his speech last night that was so controversial?," or "what's so cool about that new computer?"), but I find that nowadays that others seem to get annoyed by questions and simply reply "Google it!" I like the personal feel to questions. You can't always find the answer to a question online that includes opinions or allows for discussion. I find by starting with a simple question when one doesn't know how to start a conversation, that one can develop connections to the other people easily and make a potential conversation less awkward. "Google it" doesn't really take socializing too far.

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