pamela (pamelalabella) wrote in thequestionclub,

so two carless people are going to the Oregon Coast this summer.  We are coming from Vancouver BC so we have to take the Amtrak train to Portland and then from there take a bus to the beach.   There is pretty much no way this is happening in one day so we have decided to stay a night in Portland and go to the beach in the morning.   Is anyone from Portland or has anyone been there? 

Do you know of any hotels you can recommend near the Amtrak station which is at 800 NW Sixth Avenue?   Otherwise, what would you recommend we do if we're there for about a day?

DK/DC/haven't been to Portland: savoury or sweet breakfast? snacks?   Coffee/tea/other?

Savoury breakfast for me..I used to like only sweet but it's changed.   As for snacks I like sweet ones.   Usually I drink Coffee but I go through tea phases and feel better while I do haha.  Having some tea right now.

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