your_number1 (your_number1) wrote in thequestionclub,

So I was going through my contacts in my phone and I decided I want to get a ringtone for each person that matches their personality. There's a few I can't think of any songs to match. If I describe the person can you name a song that would match?

1. Andrew: 17 year old kid, chubby, has no friends, loves his dog.

2. Donna: An old lady who loves to bicker and make a fuss about everything

3. April: A sweet young girl who gets frustrated and annoyed easily.

4. Bill: My dad's creepy friend who's like 40 and wants to do me. Ewww. I never talk to him. He just sends me forwards.

5. My place of employment: Satan's lair

6. Christy: Loud-mouthed, selfish. I call her Bow Wow so a song about an annoying, crazy dog would fit. lol.

7. Dan: Dumb, thinks the world revolves around him.

8. Darin: obsessed with cars.

9. Jenn: Sweetest, most caring person on earth.

10. Julie: Lazy and whiny.

11. Linda: Really hyper and full of energy all the time.

12: Theresa: Tiny, boss's pet

ETA: You guys are awesome. Keep them coming!


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