pamela (pamelalabella) wrote in thequestionclub,

How soft or firm do you like your mattresses?  How big is your bed?   Do you share or sleep alone?

If you share, did you get a new bed with your partner or did you just use one of your preexistant beds?  If you got a new one together, did you agree on the type of bed? did it matter? 

My SO and I are "big fellas" apparently (according to some dude on the street) so my double bed and his twin are kinda small for us.  His is also SUPER soft and it bothers me. So we're talking about getting a new one in the future if we move in together but I really don't want a super soft one like that. 

DK/DC/sleep on the floor/hammock:  You eat too much feel sick after.  Is something wrong with you or is it just eating too much junk? 

I get sick after eating too much junk and people keep telling me I should get checked out for it..and I'm like..I just ate crap of course my body doesn't like it! :P   I'm just not used to it like other people are

DK/DC AGAIN: Do you change your hair texture? ie: straightening/curling/perms/ etc

I dont heh.

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