what misery loves (virile) wrote in thequestionclub,
what misery loves

Do you like throwing parties? The planning, the hosting, all that? I hate it because then I can't leave when I stop having fun and then you usually have a huge mess to clean up afterward. My mom wanted to throw a graduation party for me and I said okay, only because she seemed really excited about planning the party. And it's been great because she's really enjoyed it and it's given her something fun to put her planning skills towards after have to plan her mother's funeral and such a few months ago. But, to be completely honest, I'm not terribly excited about it. I'm just not a party-throwing person.

Also, if you get an invitation to a party that is held someone other than the party-throwers house and it is addressed to you and possibly your spouse, do you assume that your children are invited as well? Actually, let me answer this one for you: they aren't.

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