Ellis (l3antha) wrote in thequestionclub,

1. I feel like watching a tacky movie right now, and I've got Final Destination in my hand. I have never seen it. BUT, OMG, TQC, I get nightmares really, really easily. Do you think this movie will give me nightmares? I mean, is it supposed to be more suspenseful or scary? If it is supposed to be scary/horror then I won't watch it, but I can handle suspense/thriller pretty well.

2. Will you post a picture of an awesome animal, and share with the class why that animal is awesome?

I like tardigrades, aka water bears, aka moss piglets.

They are awesome, because they live all over the world, they can live 10 years without water, they can survive fucking absolute zero temperatures, AND THEY CAN SURVIVE IN THE VACUUM OF SPACE. WTF.

Here is a video of one walking because they are SO CUTE IN MOTION:

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